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Hello there... 

So many of us have friends surrounding our lives.

How many friends can one have? The number is endless. Still you just need that one or two very good friends. True friends will stick with you in the good times and the bad times. Thick and thin, true friendship will always be with you. 

Truly only through your own experience can you explain the true meaning of 'friendship'. It sounds a cliché but friendship might not always will be with you forever. Those feelings between friends sometime change and you might grow apart! Sad but  true. Sometimes is due to life, marriage, the world we are living in and simply being human. Still there are some friends that you used to know and may have lost contact with but once you meet or even make that one phone call, you are brought back into the ties of closeness again! It is like you have never been apart! Well, that has happened to me and I know this surely has happened to you also at some point!

Most of these stories about friendship have been told in many songs recorded by many recording acts. I love the song recorded by Dionne Warwick 'What's Friends Are For' simply sharing the sweet emotions of beautiful friendship. 

While 'Friends' by Jody Watley, which reminds you to 'watch out' for false friends of yours!

A song by Corinne Bailey Rae 'Put Your Records On' is a tribute to your friendship. Many popular movies and TV series have had the theme of friendship such as 'Three's Company', 'Friends', 'Sex And The City' and many more... 

Social media has taken the world by storm. Many of us use social net working simply to promote our businesses, advertise our personal interests or even to make new friends! The oldest social network site I could remember was MIRC and some people have used it and believe it or not even got married!

The late Donna Summer recorded a song titled 'Friends Unknown' for all her fans. So true in the song... popular social networking sites are a real life example of the song. Some people like this new way of life and others think it is sad...

Hey... only you who can answer the questions about friendship. Friends makes you laugh, cry but sometimes they can drive you crazy!!!! I guess it is normal to have these feelings between friends because you feel the closeness with the friendship! I think 'Friends Never Say Goodbye' by Elton John is one example.

From this I hope you will enjoy the videos and songs I have selected for 'The Friendship Theme'.  Be happy always, I thank you for being my friend, no matter where and how we meet. 

Much love.

Written & posted on the 17th March 2013

NOTE: All images taken from the free Internet.

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