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(Article from Nik for the 'Pages From The Heart' fan's scrap book to Donna Summer's 50th birthday- Dec 1998) 

ONCE UPON A TIME... 1979 there was an ORDINARY GIRL singing LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY on my TV. Her names kept on appearing on my sibling's compilation tapes. Her pictures were all over the record shops. Still didn't know much until I got hold of ON THE RADIO album in 1982. 

Hm'... so one may have said 'WOMAN' you are 'HOT STUFF!' Ever since that very day, that individual who's name is 'DONNA SUMMER' become one of my favourite stars in pop music. Her songs have affected MY LIFE in some other ways. 

Yes... I REMEMBER YESTERDAY, when I had been laughed at, doors had been slammed in my face and complaints about the loud music I had been playing. If that was not bad enough, in June 1993 I had lost my voice due to dancing and singing along to 3 non-stop 12"s of Donna Summer in a club. NO MORE TEARS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH that is all in the past.

In 1995, THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL when I chose that ORDINARY GIRL for my TV set design project. It was an Arts And Talk Show that represents Donna Summer as the host. The concept is based on the characteristics of Donna Summer. The design represented a bright lively set with good use of colours, shapes and reflections. Due to the interesting concept, I obtained an 'A' for that project. Who knows SOMEDAY soon the project might be in my future Donna Summer web site. 

Now it is 1998, that ORDINARY GIRL once titled 'The First Lady Of Love' & 'The Queen Of Disco' is coming to her50th birthday. A note from someone unknown: 'I wish you A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY'


Nik A Ramli 

12 / 11 / 1998

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