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I Remember Yesterday...

Music was on in the background, it was a fresh new day, 17th May 2012. Somehow I can't remember what melodies were playing!  I was busy on my laptop e-mailing and sending invites to an important event for that year. 

At the same time, my Facebook account was open... and at 16.40 I received an inbox message from David Hughes:

Nik, I am so sorry to hear about your Donna Summer, I hope you are feeling ok
Kind Regards

I said to myself "Oh... what now!" And replied at 16.46: 

Hi David,
Oh... what about Donna Summer? Let me know...

Before David had even replied I stared at the screen and went to the Facebook group which I created as a tribute to Donna Summer. Someone wrote a message on the wall, something like "please please don't tell me this is true" and I searched for the news... and saw David's reply. After a phone call and an email to Donna's attorney, I received the news... that was it!

Many fans might have heard it on the radio, TV, even phone calls from their loved ones...


Today is the anniversary of Donna Summer passing. Fans still feel sad at the loss that was far too soon; she was just 63 years.

So how do we feel today? All I know, I'm sad because I can't hear her new music, see her live on TV or concert anymore. I know that many fans including myself cried inside for the loss, but most importantly our thoughts have been with Donna's family, her husband and their three daughters and their families. These are the people we should keep in our hearts... My prayer goes to her family. 

Whether fans like to hear it or not, we don't know Donna Summer as a close friend, we are not her family. We grew up with her melodies... We think we know her, simply because her music plays such an important part of our life's soundtrack - for the good times and the bad times. Because her melodies will always be with us... Donna's legacy will remain in the minds of all pop music lovers. Donna Summer is part of popular music history... She is among the royalty of popular music. Tributes to her will 'Carry On' endlessly. 

'I Feel Love' and many more songs will always be loved by us and her legacy will live forever...

Just after Donna died, she had been inducted into 'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame' in April 2013.

Her unreleased tracks such as 'Adoni', 'Freedom' and 'Valley Of The Moon' surfaced on the internet, shared among fans, rightly or wrongly, but simply to share the love and longing of her songs. We hope to hear the record she  was said to be working on / completed before her death. Somehow her 1980's records have still not been re-released! At the time of writing the blog. 

Fans desperately want a new CD package and perhaps once any legal matters have been cleared up we could enjoy re-mastered versions of all her records including some rare remixes released and unreleased. Fans should know that 'Another Place And Time' was supposed to be re-released while Donna was still alive but was withdrawn. Also some rare unheard and unreleased remixes of 'I Don't Wanna Get Hurt' were also supposed to be released but all changed after she died.

On the 18th of May 2013, a DJ named Zulu played a tribute to Donna Summer, simply calling it 'Funk Off! Donna Summer Special'. He follows my Donna Summer book Facebook page and he invited me to sell my book 'Donna Summer The Thrill Goes On - A Tribute' at the event. I, my friends with other fans danced to Donna Summer melodies to our heart's content.

I hope the tribute to our Donna Summer will continue... Donna Summer, I Feel Love and we all miss you.

'REMEMBERING DONNA SUMMER' I REMEMBER YESTERDAY... I FEEL LOVE blog released on the 17th May 2013 at 16.00 pm. 

NOTE: This blog has been updated on the 29th of August 2021 at 19:26 pm.

Note: Images taken from the Internet.

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