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My ‘... Music Collection’ blog was created on 19 April 2012. This replaces the previous official site which was live on the 6 May 2008. This site is to share my love for music with anyone who is interested in the subject.

Feel free to drop by and read some of my music topics and if you have a little time My Playlist is updated each month. So, don't be shy, come, and say hello.

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I'm passionate about music. It started when I bought my very first EP in Malaysia, by Uji Rashid titled 'Ku Ingin Selalu Di Samping Mu' (I Long To Be With You Always).

I have a varied music collection, it is quite eclectic but it does not cover all genres. This site will showcase my love for music.

I have written a music biography of my all-time favourite singer Donna Summer. The book 'Donna Summer The Thrill Goes On - A Tribute' is now available in hardcover, paperback, and e-Book. Feel free and join me and other fans on the official Facebook page.


Because of my love for music, in November 2006 I had the opportunity to get involved in and experience a day behind the scenes of live Malaysian TV shows. Many thanks to my friend, award-winning local recording artist Francissca Peter known as Fran and her manager Bibiana Peter for organising the meeting, which was a thrilling experience. 

In 2009 I and Francissca Peter worked together (acting) for her music video 'Sekadar Di Pinggiran 2010'. The music video attached below was released in August 2010.


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